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Fables have a high potency in hypnosis - children and also adults in the state of hypnosis are more open to fables, metaphors and stories. Most people associate hypnosis with adult clients. However, children can be hypnotized just as well, only a different approach usually needs to be taken here. Children do not yet have the same powers of concentration as adults. Thus, they cannot let themselves slide into calm and relaxation at the same level as adults. In this case, a more descriptive form of hypnotic induction can be used. An introduction with fairy tales, fables or fantasy journeys can then be very helpful in guiding children into hypnosis, or more precisely, trance. Fairy tales, fables or fantasy journeys can also be worked with adults as an entry method into hypnosis. Metaphors are then often chosen to work indirectly on a topic. While adults are sometimes skeptical of stories in the awake state, it can be observed that there is a certain openness to them in the trance.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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