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Fantasy journeys are often used in hypnosis to induce relaxation and tranquility. They are also called dream journeys, relaxation journeys or also trance journeys, which are gladly also used with groups, if the goal is the relaxation. With journeys in the imagination to pleasant, perceived places, all the senses can be used. A fantasy trip can be a very nice experience, it can provide relaxation and simply fade out the everyday life. Fantasy journeys are also an integral part of hypnosis, as they are a good way to let yourself fall into a pleasantly perceived situation, using all your senses. In hypnosis, fantasy journeys can take place much more intensively than if they are only used for "simple" relaxation. The hypnotist can transform almost any initial situation into a fantasy journey and with the hypnotic enhancement almost give the impression that the client is really in this situation. Examples of a fantasy journey can be: a journey to the underwater world, journey to a beautiful meadow. As a rule, helpful and relaxing images are used here for the journey in the imagination.

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