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Finger Signal

Finger signals are used in therapeutic work with hypnosis as ideomotor signals in order to get answers from the subconscious without involving the conscious mind and cognitive performance. This is essentially what hypnosis is all about. The ideomotor finger signals are then often used. To establish these signals, the client can choose a finger on one hand with which to say "yes" during hypnosis. When communicating with the subconscious, the reaction is impulsive, the fingers begin to twitch (electrically) and give an answer even if the answer is not yet known on a conscious level. The hypnotherapist then conducts the hypnosis. In hypnosis, the client is asked to react with their finger. The finger signal can be established as a sign for a "yes" or a "no", two fingers can also be aligned with "yes" or a "no". Ideomotor (finger) signals are also used in part work in hypnosis. The partial work in hypnotherapy is based on the thesis that undesirable behavior or a feeling only comes from a part of the psyche. Another part rejects this, for example. When working on parts, the conscious should be explicitly excluded and only communicated with the subconscious.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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