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Fractional Hypnosis

Fractionated hypnosis is a staged hypnosis with deliberately chosen short interruptions of the trance by the hypnotherapist. While the hypnotherapist accompanies the client into hypnosis, the trance is briefly interrupted, the client is asked to open his eyes and can report on his perceptions and sensations. Then he closes his eyes again and a trance induction follows again, respectively the trance induction continues then. The client may observe the sensations and thoughts and concentrate on the inner experience. It is often reported that this makes it easier for people to engage in hypnosis and go into trance more quickly. Also, many describe that the trance state intensifies each time and the trance is experienced as deeper. In the second trance, the client can connect more quickly, the words are already familiar to him. In summary, fractionated hypnosis consists of the following elements:
  • Trance induction,
  • Dwelling and perception,
  • Returning / Fractionation,
  • reporting and discussing and
  • the re-induction with consideration of the reported from the first induction.
The fractionation is repeated. Before interrupting again, the hypnotist suggests that the next fractionation will allow going deeper even faster.

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