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Glove Anesthesia

Glove anesthesia implies a lack of sensation in the hand, which spreads glove-like. In hypnosis it is used to reduce pain and belongs to the dissociative techniques. The exact name is glove paresthesia, which is actually a symptom substitution, as a painful sensation gives way to another sensation. The point, however, is that more disturbing sensations initially mask and override the original sensation, such as a pain, thus reducing the pain. In hypnosis, glove anesthesia leads to new sensations that bring the pain to a tolerable us acceptable level. Glove anesthesia can be produced by imagining the client immersing his hand in ice-cold water bath filled with ice cubes. Thus, the pain begins to melt and this new experience allows for a new approach to future situations in which pain is to be reduced. Through practice, the client can gradually apply this pain reduction more and more independently.

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