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Hypnosis Berlin

Healing Process

The healing process means the phase between therapy and the alleviation of symptoms up to freedom from symptoms. How long such a process takes depends on the disease in question, the effectiveness of the therapy in the individual case and other factors. The healing process or process of change in hypnosis therapy usually begins even before the first session with the booking and decision for treatment with hypnosis. Hypnosis can also be used to speed up the healing process of an illness as a complement to another form of therapy. During hypnosis stress and blockages are released, pain is relieved and the immune system can be strengthened. We now know from research that hypnosis can contribute to faster healing even when wounds are healing, for example after an operation. Through hypnosis, the body and mind can devote themselves entirely to recovery and regeneration, and the self-healing powers can be specifically activated and used.
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