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Self-hypnosis is about autosuggestion and external hypnosis is about heterosuggestion. That is, the suggestion here does not come from oneself, but from outside, from another person, the hypnotist. Nevertheless, any heterosuggestion can become an autosuggestion. A suggestion is an influence on a person's feeling, thinking, acting and also willing. In hypnosis, there is usually a goal, for example, the resolution of fears or professional success, which is to be achieved by the suggestions or by heterosuggestion in hypnosis.

Self-test - Am I hypnotizable?

Test yourself!

Find out how well you can be hypnotized and take the self-test on your own hypnotizability (suggestibility) and answer 12 questions shortly.
Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
Bin ich hypnotisierbar?
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