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In vivo

The treatment "in vio" describes the same principle as "in sensu", only that here the client deals with his fears or his subject in reality. So he does not only imagine how it would be to drive a car, but after the inner work with hypnosis he faces the challenge, the fear and as in the example given here the client drives the car. This procedure is called systematic desensitization, which also takes place in the context of hypnosis or supportive with hypnosis. It is about gradually empowering the client to become more and more aware of his or her own competence and change. Classically, desensitization "in vio" is assigned to behavioral therapy, the confrontation with anxiety-provoking objects. But modified forms are also used in other therapy concepts, always when it is about gaining or regaining abilities and overcoming fears. Common topics in hypnosis practice are topics such as overcoming fear of flying, fear of driving a car, riding an elevator, around fears related to specific topics, such as phobias in general.

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