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Interspersing Technique

The interspersing technique is the targeted and inconspicuous interspersing of suggestions into a description or story. In psychotherapy or hypnosis, the therapist tells the client a story that at first has little to do with the primary treatment topic. In the process, he intersperses statements and suggestions directed at the client. The therapist practically uses the platform of a story to conceal the fact that your suggestions are meant for the client. In this way, the latter can sometimes absorb and accept them better, because he does not relate them directly to himself.
So-called interspersing technique is a form of indirect communication. The therapist intersperses direct suggestions in the hypnosis, which are to work subliminally. This happens, for example, through double interpretations, in that the word "you" in a sentence can be meant once as a form of address and once as a personal pronoun. It is important that the suggestions be incorporated into the hypnosis in an insistent but not intrusive manner. In addition, they should not be formulated as a request or even a command; moreover, verbal changes can also be incorporated indirectly. The therapist might disguise his voice a bit, speak louder or in a different direction.
It has proven useful to intersperse the suggestions in hypnosis with the help of metaphors and therapeutic stories.

Examples of such symbols and metaphors include the following:
  • Hands:
    Hands stand for contact, encounter, closeness but also farewell, vulnerability, grief, childhood, prayer or meditation.
  • Trees:
    Trees are a symbol of strength, stability, steadfastness but also experience, wisdom, flexibility, life and the connection from the inside to the outside.
  • Fire:
    Fire represents fear of closeness, warmth, the closeness-distance conflict, uncontrollability and security.
  • Rock:
    The rock in the surf, a shoulder to lean on, support, search for stability and help.

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