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Lifetime Events

Lifetime events can play a role in the development of mental illness. This refers to certain events in the biography that influence further life and have a special significance in a person's life. Although lifetime events have passed, they can still play a central role in the present and in the future. Often these are experiences from childhood, such as the divorce of parents, violent experiences or bullying at school. But also one's own wedding, the birth of one's own child, job loss, loss of a loved one, divorce or can play a special role in a person's life. Thoughts are the origin of our actions and so they can also weigh heavily on us or even make us ill, if we find it difficult to process, let go of or integrate what we have experienced. Lifetime events also play an important role in hypnosis, both in the anamnesis and in the treatment itself. Hypnosis is often about processing experiences that people have difficulty accepting or letting go of.

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