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Metaphor help in hypnosis to process and solve problems. In hypnosis, not unlike also in linguistics, linguistic devices are called metaphors, but applied with a psychological intention. Symbols, analogies and hypnotic stories are distinguished in the metaphors. While metaphorical symbols suggestively make associations with objects, forces of nature and so on for the client, the analogy sets processes. The hypnotic story offers a storyline with intro, climax and solution, wherein elements from the client's world are accommodated and a solution to his problems is offered. Complex processes can be made with the help of metaphors to a simplified formula and easier to understand. Further distinguished are general metaphor as the theme of an entire hypnosis session, functional metaphor for a purpose during the hypnosis session, and finally purely linguistic images, such as the incidental metaphors. All of them must be chosen to fit the personality of the client, so that the client can accept them accordingly and let them affect him in a figurative sense in trance.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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