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Miracle Question

The Miracle Question, coined by psychotherapist Steve de Shazer, is a problem-solving technique. It is part of Clues - Solution Focused Brief Therapy published by Shazer and psychotherapist Insoo Kim Berg. When asking the miracle question, the client should imagine that a miracle would happen overnight and that their problem would be solved the next morning. Since he himself does not notice the miracle because he is sleeping, the client should ask himself how he would notice it. What would be different? These questions can be expanded at will in order to encourage discussion of solution-oriented thinking. The miracle question is also used as a very useful tool in trance in hypnotherapy. In hypnosis people are usually more open to creative solutions and so it is easier for many to deal with the solution situation and to discover clues that will help them to solve their problem.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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