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Metaphor: Mirror image

The mirror image is a metaphor that is popularly used in hypnosis. With the mirror image, most associate that you stand in front of the mirror and look at your body. But also the soul, which is actually not visible, can be mirrored. This happens through the posture, behavior, our facial expressions, gestures and our words. Completely indifferently, to which one refers the mirror image now, it always leads to the fact that the changes, which we go through, become visible. The metaphor of the mirror image is also used in hypnosis. A very concrete example of the mirror image metaphor is perceiving how one's own body changes positively over time when wanting to lose weight and becomes slimmer and more athletic. The mirror allows one to look at oneself from the outside in the change and in this way to experience the change already and to let it become "real" before the inner eye. The mirror image in hypnosis is a popular metaphor in change work with hypnosis.

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