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NVC - Nonviolent Communication

NVC - Nonviolent Communication - goes back to the psychologist and mediator Marshall B. Rosenberg, who developed it on the occasion of the conflict with the American civil rights movement in the 1960s. With his method, he succeeded in peacefully abolishing racial segregation in institutions. Nonviolent communication is a concept in which the participants contribute to the mutual well-being.

It consists of four steps:
  • A specific action or omission is described that the participant has noticed and has affected his well-being.
  • The feelings evoked by the action are described.
  • Needs are formulated that are behind the feelings.
  • A specific action is requested or desired.
Asking is an action in the here and now. Desires relate to future actions. The concept of nonviolent communication is simple and effective. It promotes empathy and understanding towards oneself. Therefore, the method can also be incorporated into hypnotherapy. The choice of words and communication and above all the attitude also play an important role in hypnosis. Formulations are not only the foundation of a successful hypnosis, but also serve to enable new perspectives and perspectives.

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