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The term paranormal is used to describe things that cannot be explained naturally. Paranormal phenomena are also referred to as supernatural. The word part "Para" comes from ancient Greek and means "against". Topics associated with the paranormal include, for example, telepathy, communicating with the dead, the existence of magic or curses or spirits. Hypnosis is not a paranormal phenomenon. Even if there are show hypnotists who, in addition to hypnosis, also present supposed necromancy or communication with the deceased. What is shown is for show. Show hypnosis, also known as stage hypnosis, has nothing to do with hypnosis in the sense of hypnotherapy and is part of a show that is intended to inspire and impress the audience and spectators. In contrast to paranormal phenomena, the effect of hypnosis has been scientifically proven.

Self-test - Am I hypnotizable?

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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