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Problem Trance

Hypnosis helps to interrupt a problem trance. Out of the problem trance could be the motto of many treatment topics with hypnosis. In a problem situation, a person experiences something that is not appropriate or even inappropriate for him. An example for this can be a fear-occupied situation like an examination situation, which does not let a person sleep well for weeks in advance or also leads to concentration difficulties. At the latest on the day before the examination it is then very clear what is to be understood by Problem Trans: too some can eat before it no longer is restless, nervous or has the impression that he has learned no longer in the head. It can even feel like the person feels at the mercy and has the impression that he can not do anything against these strong feelings of fear. He feels as if he is at the mercy and almost incapable of acting. He is practically connected to the unfavorable behavior and can hardly or only with difficulty detach himself by his own efforts. With hypnosis this problem trance is interrupted and new perspectives are shown. The goal is to move from the problem trance into a helpful solution trance.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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