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The progression enables in hypnosis a future visualization. So a future visualization, more precisely the visualization of a desired state in the future. The hypnotherapist supports the client in hypnosis to imagine the experience as extensively and pictorially as possible. The orientation to a goal happens through imaginations in hypnosis. The choice of these wish images is not arbitrary, but is focused on the client. This is the only way to ensure that the client feels understood and that the inner images feel authentic. Beyond a wish-image, there can also be a series of situations for progression, a future course. In this, the client is guided to experience the future as if it were a time lapse. Involving as many sensory channels as possible enhances the quality of the future visualization and allows the client to experience it as intensely as possible. In this way, the client can see, feel, and experience himself in the future and find out for himself whether what he imagines also feels coherent. Imagining the future also helps to move more and more towards this image of the future already in the present and to take steps already in the present to get exactly there. Progression can also be part of a process of regression or in reincarnation therapy.

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