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Reframing (German Umdeutung) is a technique that is successfully used in hypnosis, or more precisely hypnotherapy. Here, one tries in communication a negatively occupied frame (frame) into the positive reinterpret. The goal is to create a solution-oriented approach and to positively reinterpret the event that is negative for the client. In this way, a new meaning or a new perception is assigned to the situation, thereby making it possible to work on a solution. Under the guise of complete negativity, a solution approach is hardly possible. Reframing is an effective and often used intervention technique. Reframing allows seeing a situation from a different angle, seeing it in a different frame. People always interpret an event or behavior from a specific context and based on their own experiences. If a certain event has a negative connotation, for example due to an unpleasant memory, negative thought patterns and an inner attitude towards similar events arise. When a new frame is constructed in trance, the meaning can change and a situation or experience can be re-evaluated. The reframing was founded by the psychotherapist Virginia Satir. Milton H. Erickson also used reframing. Under hypnosis, the client is given the opportunity to question the framework with regard to a specific situation and this is a framework, a new evaluation. Reframing helps to change perspective and create space for new thoughts.

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