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Resource Transfer

Resource transfer transfers strengths in hypnosis to an area of life where support is needed. It is a common therapeutic application in hypnosis. It is about revealing the client's inner resources and making them available for the desired change process. Thus, the problem can be solved by means of these resources or goals can be achieved more easily. As a resource of a person are strengths and inner potentials meant, which are transferred to another area of life in hypnosis.

This is done in several steps:
  • Problem focus
  • Identifying the emotional deficit
  • Identifying emotional resources
  • Induction of trance
  • Activation of resources
  • Appropriation of resources
  • Firmly anchoring resources
It is important to gain access to resources in hypnosis, but more crucial is to integrate them into life in a sustainable way. This describes above all the transfer, which means as much as transfer resources into everyday life.

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