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Resting Places

Resting places enable the client in hypnosis to experience relaxation and deep rest. Relaxation is part of hypnosis, which some people call shutting down. The deeper hypnotized person sinks into a state of relaxation, the more this pleasant feeling can spread throughout the body. Hypnosis has a lot to do with relaxation and concentration at the same time, so it can be helpful to first calm down and shut down both mentally and physically. In hypnosis, an introduction is used at the beginning of the trance with certain metaphors and inner images that convey calm. A place of rest can be particularly helpful. People like to choose resting places in nature such as a meadow, a beach, a forest or a view over the mountains, the vastness of nature. It is important that the client associates pleasant experiences, rest and relaxation with this place. Sometimes it also happens that people discover places of rest in the trance, which comes from their imagination or they find themselves in their own bed as the ultimate place of rest.

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