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Save Place

In psycho- or more precisely trauma therapy, as well as in hypnosis, there is an exercise called the "safe place". Here the client develops an image of an inner place where he feels absolutely safe and secure. This can be a real place where he has been before and with which he associates a feeling of safety, or the mere idea of it. An example would be the corner bench in grandma's kitchen where you used to sit on rainy afternoons as a child and drink hot cocoa. It is also possible to have a special place that is in nature or on the beach. It may take a few tries before you find access to this place. The goal is to be able to go to this place again and again in your mind, especially when you feel unsafe and anxious or traumatic memories occur. The safe place is one of the most popular standard interventions, which is used in hypnosis, but also whenever a mental retreat can help the client.

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