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Sleep Deprivation Therapy

Sleep deprivation therapy refers to therapeutic restriction of nighttime sleep performed under controlled conditions. Particularly in depressive episodes, this therapy can be carried out in addition to psychotherapy, hypnosis and medication. The background for the effectiveness is the often disturbed behavior of the sleep phases in an existing depression. The REM phases are often advanced and prolonged. This results in a lot of sleep, but poor quality sleep, which additionally intensifies the existing symptoms of listlessness and fatigue and worsens the mood. In 50 to 60% of patients, there is already a significantly improved mood after sleep deprivation therapy on the first day afterwards. Unfortunately, this effect is usually reversed after the first night's sleep. Nevertheless, sleep deprivation therapy, together with other forms of therapy such as psychotherapy and hypnosis, offers a basis that can bring about good results in the treatment of depression.

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