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Sound Therapy

Along with hypnosis, sound therapy is a profound and holistically effective method for therapeutic purposes and is therefore also often used in combination with hypnosis. Areas of application for this include grief counseling, support in various decision-making processes or stress management. Sounds have a calming effect on us humans and also cause physical reactions. Thus, heartbeat and pulse can be calmed and the blood pressure decreases. Various vibrations and frequencies, which cannot be perceived with our ears, also have a positive effect on our organism. In hypnosis, sound therapy can be used both to get in the mood for the hypnosis session and to support us during the hypnosis itself. Sound worlds and certain frequencies provide an immersion in which the auditory sensory channels are additionally addressed. People whose auditory sensory channel is more pronounced can sink into the trance more easily. Sounds stimulate the entire body at the same time, even if, for example, visual sensory channels people are more pronounced. Sounds, as used in sound therapy, also help clients in hypnosis to enter the calm, natural state of relaxation.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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