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Third Party Hypnosis

In hypnosis, a distinction is made between self-hypnosis and foreign hypnosis. In external hypnosis, the hypnotist and the hypnotized person are not one and the same person. This is the usual type of hypnosis, there is also a justified assumption that this is the most effective and efficient hypnosis technique, because certain impulses and hypnosis techniques are used, which can only be used to a limited extent in self-hypnosis. The hypnotisand does not have to take care of controlling the hypnosis and is accompanied by the hypnotherapist in the process of change. Thus, the person to be hypnotized can better engage with the hypnosis and slip into a deeper trance.

Self-test - Am I hypnotizable?

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
Bin ich hypnotisierbar?
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