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Time Warp Effect

People experience the time distortion effect during hypnosis. The time experienced is felt to be shorter for hypnotized people during hypnosis. Many report after hypnosis that time felt only half as long. Similar moments when time seems to pass more quickly is when reading a good book, watching a movie, or even exercising. It then appears as if time is happening in fast motion during hypnosis. It is rather rare that clients describe that time would pass more slowly. During hypnosis, the brain does not store everything that happens in trance. Things that seem unimportant are sorted out and not noticed. This is an ability that we also use in everyday life to protect ourselves from a permanent overload of stimuli. After hypnosis, many clients report that they can remember very strong and vivid impressions that stay with them for a long time, often for years. Likewise, many report that you perceived many more details than usual. This is due to the fact that under hypnosis the senses sharpen, concentration and attention to the important things increases.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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