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Robbins, Tony

Tony Robbins is an American best-selling author and NLP trainer, trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming which he learned from a developer, John Grinder. He is also the founder of neuroassociative conditioning. Neuroassociative conditioning is a method in which a person is expected to achieve long-term change in 6 steps.

The steps consist of:
  • Become aware of your goals and see why they are not being achieved now.
  • Association of pain with the current state and pleasure with the goal.
  • Breaking the thought pattern when it occurs.
  • Creating a new association.
  • Conditioning of behavior and
  • Testing the effectiveness of the newly learned behavior.
The method of dissolving old associations and creating new ones is also used in hypnotherapy. For example, when a client wants to stop smoking through hypnosis or wants to break free from fears and burdensome beliefs and behaviors. In contrast to hypnosis, however, neuroassociative conditioning works from the outside, for example by repeatedly reinforcing the conditioning with external rewards.

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