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Trance Phenomena

Trance phenomena (also called trance signs) are called reactions that can be observed in a person in trance: Some trance phenomena can be seen by the hypnotist, even from the outside, while some can be felt and perceived only by the hypnotized himself. There are trance phenomena in certain areas such as body motor activity, called ideomotor activity. Muscle tone is reduced in hypnosis and involuntary muscle twitching can occur as in the fingers, feet or even the whole body. Catalepsy of muscle groups can be observed, that is, strong muscle tension to the point of body rigidity, as well as levitation of arms and other limbs. In addition, numbness can be observed such as the elimination of pain sensitivity or even hypersensitivity, the feeling may be altered. Changes in the perception of one's weight from heaviness to lightness, changes in the perception of temperature and blanking of a certain area of perception and at the same time focusing on a certain section. Other features in hypnosis: slow breathing, usually calmer heartbeat and a drop in blood pressure. Time alienations, higher suggestibility, expansion of the thought world, hallucinations, changes in memory (including suspension of the same). Linkages such as disconnections of sensory perceptions, feelings and all kinds of thought processes and knowledge contents can be counted among the trance phenomena as well.

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