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Trauma is an injury. There are physical traumas (such as a craniocerebral trauma) and psychological traumas. The latter refers to a severe mental injury or concussion that leaves a "wound". This means that the traumatic event is not only jocular and overwhelming at that moment, but also for some time afterwards. The affected person is not able to process and overcome this experience and so the soul looks for a way to make it more bearable. Some affected persons repress the trauma and store it deep in their subconscious, others fall into dissociative states and separate their experience and actions from each other. In hypnosis, the trauma stored in the subconscious can be made accessible to the conscious mind and then treated as part of trauma therapy. What has been experienced cannot be undone even in trauma therapy, but here the affected person learns to deal with it with the help of psychotherapeutic, hypnotherapeutic methods, to stabilize himself and to be able to cope with his everyday life.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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