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Utilizing involves harnessing the client's resources, such as memories, experiences, feelings, habits, opinions, or ideas. If these can be used in the purpose of therapy more precisely hypnosis, they can be very useful. In addition to utilizing resources, other things are also used in hypnosis: for example, external sounds that are picked up in a helpful way in the trance and used to sink even deeper into the trance. Utilize comes from the English word "utilities", which means tools. If feelings, memories and other mental contents of the client are taken by the therapist into the service of the treatment, thus 'used', one speaks of utilizing, which is nothing else than a foreign word for 'making usable'. The method promises a special access to the imaginary and conceptual world of the client by tuning in to him and thus facilitating understanding and acceptance. Particularly positively associated situations are thus obtained and used in hypnosis as a vehicle to take the positive association across, with which a negative sensation could be reevaluated. The projection then neutralizes this negative sensation.

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Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
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