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Visual perception refers to seeing - visual perception. Humans perceive their environment through five sensory channels. The abbreviation VAKOG from the NPL (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) stands for the five sensory channels and results from their initial letters:
  • Visual: see
  • Auditory: hear
  • Kinesthetic: feel
  • Olfactory: smell
  • Gustatory: taste
We ultimately represent the experiences and how we perceive them as neural coding. Thereby we often have a preferred representation system, since the senses are differently pronounced with everyone. Which one this is, we can read off well from our linguistic formulations. If yours were, for example, the visual, i.e. that of seeing, you would tend more towards visual language and word choice. This might look like, for example, "I can't see the meaning/goal," "I feel invisible/not seen," "I need to bring light into the darkness," "I can see clearly again," or "I'm glad to see you." In hypnosis, the preferred representational system can be useful because it facilitates access to the subconscious and repressed memories.

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