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How Hypnosis Makes Lockdown Loneliness more Bearable

How Hypnosis Makes Lockdown Loneliness more Bearable

Existing fears have increased, new fears have arisen

Since the Corona pandemic, much has changed in our everyday lives. Distance regulations, mask bans and other measures subsumed under the term social distancing are now the norm. In addition to fears concerning possible infection or private economic consequences and an accompanying loss of control, many people suffer greatly from social isolation. This particularly affects people who live alone, but also families. Existing fears can increase in isolation, as the affected person is left alone with them and becomes more focused on them. In addition, this situation is completely new and there is a lack of empirical data. According to this year's special survey "Deutschland Barometer Depression" by the Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe (German Depression Aid Foundation), 71% of Germans felt that the situation in the second lockdown was depressing. This even represented an increase of 12 % compared to the survey on the first lockdown.

Sharp increase in anxiety and loneliness in lockdown

In order to be able to bear a lockdown and the accompanying isolation a little better, hypnosis is a suitable method. Hypnosis makes it possible to better deal with insecurity and loneliness. Uncertainty and fear of the future have plagued more and more people since the Corona pandemic. Surveys conducted by the universities of Hildesheim and Frankfurt am Main have shown that more and more young people are also affected. Thus, 69 % have stated that they are afraid of the future. At the same time, 61% feel lonely. Those who live in constant fear can suffer long-term psychological damage as a result. But how can hypnosis help here?

Hypnosis for uncertainty and fear of the future

Hypnosis puts the client into a deep trance. In this state, suggestions are given to him that help to invalidate the fear. Depending on the client's specific fear ideas, it may help to think them through to the end during hypnosis and realize that the situation is not as hopeless as it seems. Not every fear will disappear completely as a result of hypnosis, and that is not the goal at all. Fears basically have an important function. They only become dangerous when they start to dominate life. This is where hypnosis is supposed to counteract.

Hypnosis for the treatment of loneliness

But how does hypnosis help with loneliness? As a social being, humans have a hard time being alone. Although there is the possibility to maintain contact via e-mails, phone calls, short messages and social media, the interpersonal is lost more and more. Loneliness can lead to sadness, depression and also physical symptoms. At what point and how strongly the loneliness is felt differs depending on the person affected. Here, too, hypnosis can help to soften the feelings of inner emptiness and sadness and strengthen hopeful thoughts. Hypnosis also works toward a positive attitude toward life during loneliness lockdown.

Family stress and stress in children

Another problem caused by the lockdown and the associated social isolation is a family stressful situation. Even though family members are now under one roof, there can be loneliness and a feeling of being overwhelmed, especially for children. Children's stress and anxiety caused by the constant change between face-to-face and distance learning, and the excessive demands of internalizing the learning material, can be alleviated with the help of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is intended to prevent psychological stress from manifesting in children and leading to mental illness as they grow up. From the age of 9, the use of child hypnosis is usually safe.

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