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How Hypnosis Works for Specific Fears

How Hypnosis Works for Specific Fears

Where there is hope, there is also fear... says Buddhism and this shows us that fear is a normal companion of our lives. It protects us from recklessly putting our health and well-being at risk. We are afraid when we drive too fast and take our foot off the gas pedal, we are afraid of upsetting those around us and think more carefully about our words, and we know that these are all healthy and important reactions.
When we stand at a precipice and stare into the depths, it is good and right to feel fear. It sharpens our caution and helps us survive the dangerous situation. Some people, however, cannot react "sensibly" now. They become rigid with fright or even start fidgeting around because the tingling in their legs, a flight reflex that is part of fear, has become overwhelming. Those affected are no longer in control of their senses. Time does not seem to move, panic fills the whole person.
Now our fear has become inseparable from a particular object. It has become a "fear of something... ". It is not even a question of whether this "something" is really dangerous. People who have once experienced a panic attack at high altitude initially no longer dare to go into the mountains, later it is a ladder, a plane, the swing on the playground.... People are afraid of spiders or public places, dogs and chasers or whatever. A phobia develops.

What all belongs to the phobias

The term phobia comes from the ancient Greek and means something like fear or terror. It is used today as a collective term for a wide variety of anxiety disorders. According to WHO, phobias are divided into the following subcategories:

This is how the ICD10 subdivides phobic disorders:
(ICD10 = International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems)
  • F40.0 Agoraphobia - fear of public places) without and with panic disorder
  • F40.2 Specific (isolated) phobias, including acrophobia, simple phobia, claustrophobia, animal phobias
  • F40.8 Other phobic disorders, unspecified
  • F40.9 Phobic disorder, unspecified

But how does hypnosis help to dissolve specific fears, i.e. phobias?

There are many ailments behind phobias. They can be subdivided even further. A distinction is made between fears of animals, such as spiders or snakes, forces of nature, injuries, situations, such as airplanes, as well as other individual fear mongers.
But no matter what you are afraid of and what makes you panic, the reactions are always the same.
The body begins to sweat, the heart races, adrenaline is released a general feeling of annihilation occurs. People describe strong inner restlessness to anxiety attacks and panic attacks.
This leads to better and better avoidance strategies and a smaller and smaller scope of action. Thus, the specific phobia is often followed by social isolation, which in turn can grow into social phobia. Finally, at the end, there is phobophobia, the fear of fear.
Do not let it get that far, contact Hypnosis Berlin at the first signs of phobia.

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