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How Stress, Anxiety and Speech Problems are Related

How Stress, Anxiety and Speech Problems are Related

Pressure and speech blockages - Prefer to sink into the ground

Heart palpitations, dry mouth, shortness of breath, pressure and inner restlessness come often enough without notice, without any apparent trigger and usually inappropriately. Those affected often feel completely at the mercy of the inner turmoil. Especially when the inner tension is so great that it causes thoughts to break off, people to start stuttering or, in the case of a blackout, they simply can't get a word out. Then inner restlessness can become a powerful disruptive factor. Affected people know what I am writing about, they know inner restlessness at meetings, they know speech blockades and the rising heat and sometimes even the desire to disappear immediately, or even better: to sink immediately into the ground.

This is how hypnosis helps to relieve pressure and tension at the decisive moment

Hypnosis is an effective means against inner restlessness and inner blockages. This is because the work with hypnosis starts long before the tension and thus works where nothing has yet tightened up. How this can work? That is basically quite simple.
The inner restlessness and tension are physical reactions to a stimulus, a trigger, which may have remained conscious or even unconscious. The adrenal glands release adrenaline and noradrenaline, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and our whole body is set for flight or fight. By the way, this well-behaved reaction of our body to something, even without us becoming aware of it, is desirable and vital. After all, we should flee from the tiger and not think about which tiger genus the animal belongs to and whether he has probably already eaten or not.

Find out what you are really missing with hypnosis

In hypnosis, however, we can go before the stimulus. We recognize the world at the moment the fear arises. Here we see the tiger in slow motion and figure out whether or not we actually need to flee. Maybe there are bars between us and the wild beast, or maybe it's a cardboard cutout. So if you feel inner anxiety, if fear leads to speech blockages, hypnosis helps to recognize what the body is afraid of and what it might really be missing at the crucial moment. This realization ultimately leads to relaxation and dissolves speech blocks and is stored as a lived positive experience.

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