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Hypnosis Berlin - Hypnotherapy in English

Hypnosis Berlin in English

Translated to English from now on -

Hypnose Berlin gets reinforcement: From the 1st of September, Mina Ghahremani is there for you as a native English speaker. For this transition, we have put in extra effort for you - with the start of her work at our practice, our website is now also available in English. After numerous hours of work, all contributions were translated for you bit by bit, offering important information about the exciting world of hypnosis in English. We are looking forward to connecting with the international community and sharing our knowledge, based on years of practical experience

Hypnosis Berlin with Mina in English

Mina supports people with systemic hypnotherapy in English. She thus complements our work with English hypnosis treatments.
“Hypnosis is a beautiful thing – through the infinite potential of your own imagination, we dive into a world of sensory experiences, visualizations and the subconscious, in which you will discover that anything is possible and yet you are always safe. Hypnosis Berlin is a place for you to arrive, unwind and unlock all the powers of your own existence.“ - Hypnotherapist Mina Ghahremani.

Language is an important element in hypnosis

She works with years of experience and her own unique approach to hypnosis, from which so many people have already benefited. Like us, she firmly believes that change is possible with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is still the method of choice for us, because with ease and elegance, it awakens (in a comparably short time) all the resources in a person to take the next step toward the desired direction. We are very pleased that with our proven and modern methods, we also reach those for whom English is more familiar than German. Language plays an important role - especially in hypnosis; a familiar melody or “singsong”, as they say - and familiar words awaken a certain feeling. This makes people more trusting and open to words when working with the subconscious in hypnosis.

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