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Hypnosis Berlin

Hypnosis Berlin - The Practice Remains Safe and Open!

Hypnosis Berlin - The Practice Remains Safe and Open!

Hypnosis in times of coronavirus

Dear clients, friends - interested parties!

Corona has also reached us and we understand those who now do not dare to leave the house. Nevertheless, we will continue to be there for you. After all, what kind of help would that be if we hid now, when many people need support the most.
First, a few basic things about our practice.
Only one-on-one sessions take place, and for hypnosis with children, one or both parents are present. The sessions take place in such a way that clients do not meet each other upon arrival - not even in the waiting area. Of course, certain surfaces are disinfected after each session. Hand sanitizer is stocked and available to each client.
Also, if touch has occurred in the past during the hypnosis session - beginning at the greeting and continuing at as part of the hypnosis treatment with a light touch on the shoulder or hands. Touch is not a mandatory part of hypnotherapy. Especially at this time, it is important to ensure safety. So no "shake hands." And a light touch on the shoulder or hands during hypnosis I perform only with prior consent.
In addition, we have always used disinfectant to clean relevant areas after each session. We also have an ample supply of it in our office.

But, now for something else - much more important! Don't let the virus get into your head!
For weeks now, we have been hearing daily on the news, at work, with family and friends about the virus and how it is getting worse, how we can get sick, how we can die. Most of us are afraid of catching it and getting sick, many of them even so much so that they are severely limited in their lives and suffer greatly because of it (hypnosis for hypochondria). Some admit it, some don't, but almost all deal with the coronavirus. And it scares us! And more than the virus itself. To explain, I would like to change a well-known quote from the Talmud a little.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become --> facts!

We know that our minds affect our bodies. If you think of something nice and smile, you will feel better even if objectively you are not feeling well. We have all had these experiences.
But the effect also goes the other way around. If we deal with negative thoughts every day, if we imagine that we could be sick, then the probability of actually getting sick is much greater. So we are literally playing into the hands of the virus with our fear.
Please, use the coming days as days of rest and recovery. Do not give the coronavirus any space in your life. Yes, it is important to be careful. Wash your hands, avoid physical contact, keep enough distance, but don't let the virus get into your head!
Quite the opposite. Now that so many of us are staying home, when we suddenly get free time, in the middle of spring, in the middle of the work week, let's get closer together - in our hearts. Enjoy the first buds in your garden, on your balcony or outside your window. Drink a good cup of tea or coffee and talk on the phone with an old friend you haven't seen for a long time. Do all the things that are good for you - and above all, relax. Take a deep breath, feel the breath in your body, and promise yourself to stay healthy and do everything you can to strengthen yourself from the inside out. Now - in this moment. We wish all of us to make the best of this time and that this virus may soon disappear from our lives!

Your Isabella Buschinger

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