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Hypnosis for Emotional Wounds

Hypnosis for Emotional Wounds

Hypnosis and grief - transforming feelings

Grief and pain are among the most fundamental feelings and experiences, and almost all of us will experience them sooner or later. We will grow or perish from it, we will experience it consciously or repress it so far into our unconscious that it makes itself felt again at some point in the form of illness, pain or suffering. If love as well as feelings of grief and pain now catch us all anyway - how should hypnosis then help?

Hypnosis for grief and injuries

Hypnosis for grief or heartbreak and psychological pain does not serve to suppress the feeling of grief. It helps to accept the feeling of grief, endure it and ultimately make something good out of it. Hypnosis makes it possible to transform feelings, take new perspectives and heal. Grief goes in phases, with hypnosis Berlin you will be able to go through each of these phases with strength and confidence.
Something else are injuries. If we are hurt by people, if these injuries ultimately lead to a separation, then grief is an important and correct consequence. But those who feel hurt feel, heap up so much anger that there is no room for grief.
Hypnosis Berlin helps you first of all to break out of the cycle of your thoughts of anger. The inner, negative merry-go-round can be stopped so that it no longer agitates you or even threatens to destroy you. The way is cleared for the good you once felt and give space for grief. Thus, with each healing step, hurts and wounds can heal. And more! You can look forward again strengthened. Start back into life with a new experience.

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