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Hypnosis for Hair Loss - Esoteric Non-Sense or Is It Possible?

Hypnosis for Hair Loss - Esoteric Non-Sense or Is It Possible?

New press request: hypnosis and self-hypnosis for hair loss

Always we receive press inquiries that want to put hypnosis in the light of esotericism and sorcery. As just in the past few days: hypnosis and self-hypnosis for hair loss. I betray here, why I was allowed to determine with astonishment again that I was interesting within short time for this journalist no longer as Hypnose Interviewpartnerin.
But first of all: Hypnosis for hair loss reads quickly unseriös. And rightly so! I am not aware of any study that has proven that hair loss in men, which is caused by hereditary traits, was successfully treated with hypnosis and grew a head of hair!
In our daily work at our practice we work with serious, medical and therapeutic hypnotherapy and the topic of hair loss and hypnosis can very quickly appear unserious and untrustworthy. We would like to clearly distance ourselves from this. At the same time, however, there is also good news on the subject of hair loss and hypnosis.

Hypnosis for stress-related circular hair loss - alopecia areata

Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis, but also different types of relaxation techniques, can indeed have a good effect on stress-related hair loss such as alopecia areata, from which women also suffer! Alopecia areata is a sudden onset of hair loss, which often manifests itself in a circular area of the scalp. In this type of stress-related circular hair loss, we work with a holistic approach and involve the whole life of a person. With this issue, it can be difficult to treat solely with self-hypnosis. Because self-hypnosis can, if other issues such as anxiety or depression are present, also quickly come to the limit. Then a foreign hypnosis with a therapist or a hypnotherapist would be instructed - thus someone at your side, which accompanies you and supports you with hypnosis, if underlying topics open up and professional assistance is important.
We distance ourselves from dubious sales of hypnosis in, for example, gene-related hair loss or when physical illnesses such as a thyroid disease is present. 
Interesting is - after I presented my position and attitude to the topic, the journalist, who writes for a very well-known women's magazine, withdrew. It has itself after initial active exchange suddenly simply no more announced. The contribution should be shown as a hanger also in the television advertisement.
So fast it can go sometimes that a journalist with another intention loses the interest. And that is also good!
I hope at the point that hypnosis colleagues and female colleagues remain just as faithful and clearly position themselves, so that hypnosis gets and also can hold an ever larger, respectable place in the medicine, science and the general opinion.


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