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Publication in Switzerland!

Publication in Switzerland! Hypnosis for Presentation Anxiety - Hypnosis Berlin

Hypnosis articles about speech anxiety: Hypnosis helps with various forms of speech anxiety.

I am happy about the successful cooperation with IGM, the Institute for Holistic Methodology in Switzerland! A new professional article has just been published about hypnosis for speech anxiety and how the often concealed fear of speaking in front of groups is treated with hypnosis. I am very happy to be able to spread the knowledge of medical hypnosis in this way, so that more people can learn about its many possibilities! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Barbara Prinzing for making this publication possible! IGM successfully trains therapists in the field of hypnosis and autogenic training.
I address the forms of speech anxiety in the article: Stage fright in front of groups and logophobia. The possible consequences can be reduced and overcome with hypnosis and thus increase promotion and career opportunities in the profession, who have held back until then because of fear and those who this fear has made lonely in private.
I hope you enjoy reading!

Hypnosis Berlin - Isabella Buschinger Publication at

Hypnosis Berlin - Publication at, IGM Institute for Holistic Methodology - Training, Supervision and Therapy.

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