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Hypnosis Berlin

Now Hypnosis Berlin Offers Online Sessions

Now Hypnosis Berlin Offers Online Sessions

Hypnose Berlin ist jetzt auch online für Sie da

To ensure that worries, anxiety about the future, fears of illness and infection do not increase during this time. So that you feel more secure again and can deal with everyday restrictions more easily - We are and remain there for you. We take you seriously in this crisis. A personal conversation and Support via video, facetime or telephone. At the end of the session you can relax and close your eyes. A relaxation hypnosis allows you to take another deeper breath and find peace again. Here you can easily make an immediate appointment: personal conversation and assistance by video, Facetime or phone. Here you can learn more about our Hypnosis Online Offer or book an appointment directly using the following button:

Online counseling and online hypnosis

Before the Corona crisis, clients have asked us whether treatment via the Internet and telephony can not also be possible. Especially if clients had a long way to travel to the practice or have not found a suitable hypnosis or counseling offer for themselves in their region.
. We have again thought about this online area to expand further and then discarded it again, because the personal and close contact is important to us for the work.
But the events in the spring of 2020 have made us rethink. So many of our clients could no longer leave the house, and especially in such a situation, we did not want to leave anyone alone.
Online counseling, including in the form of online hypnosis can provide relief and allow to realign. Thus, this area makes an important contribution to physical and mental health and helps people to overcome crises more easily.

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