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Psychosomatic Complaints in Hypnotherapy

Psychosomatic Complaints in Hypnotherapy

Psychosomatics and medical hypnosis - The body is the mouthpiece of the soul

"The body is the translator of the soul into the visible!" This quote goes back to Christian Morgenstern and scientific studies clearly prove - there is a dialogue between soul and body. When our soul is out of balance, our body speaks. We feel what we think. When soul and body are out of balance, there can be different pictures of psychosomatic complaints. What they have in common is that there is no physically justifiable diagnosis. The treatment with medical hypnosis can in here wonderfully affect the interplay between soul and body and thus lead to a noticeable and perceptible improvement of the sensation, which can often be influenced sustainably and positively.

Treat and alleviate psychosomatic complaints and diseases with hypnosis

On average, it takes 7 years (!) until a patient with psychosomatic complaints receives adequate treatment, for example, in a specialized clinic.

Psychosomatic disorders - how hypnosis helps

Hypnotherapy can connect body and mind in a gentle and natural way when both body and mind may be out of balance. We know that when the soul suffers or feels pain, it expresses it physically: The term psychosomatic comes from ancient Greek and means psyche for breath, breath, soul and soma for body, body and life, showing that body and soul cannot be separated. This is also based on the approach of holistic therapy, which affects both the body and the soul.

Psychosomatic complaints, which would be treated purely physically, have the tendency to always come back and not subside.

So some physical complaints are not due to organic and physical causes, but to mental processes such as conflicts and stress, so we can talk about psychosomatic symptoms. Body, soul and our psyche are to be understood as a unit. If one part of the soul is not doing well, the body suffers and can lead to psychosomatic complaints.

This is how hypnosis is used for psychosomatic complaints

People with psychosomatic illness can experience support through the various treatment approaches of hypnotherapy and lead to a lasting positive subjective feeling.

Hypnosis for deep neural relaxation
allows your organism to recover effectively and intensively during the hypnotic trance, which leads to a relief of the organism.

Hypnosis for pain symptoms
pain reduction and dissociation are helpful. For the recovery of the organism, images and relaxation are used by detaching from the pain-ridden aching body. Through dissociation, dealing with pain can be significantly improved and the intensity of pain sensation can be reduced.
See also on our website hypnosis for chronic pain.

The potential of unconscious and physical self-healing
is activated again or anew, thereby the recovery is clearly and lastingly triggered. The immune system, the vegetative functions and the metabolism can be stimulated by the treatment with hypnosis directly and indirectly. It can be shown that the defense system is strengthened by the increase of defense-effective blood corpuscles already during the hypnotic trance.

Hypnosis to resolve internal conflicts.
Hypno-therapeutic interventions can resolve inner conflicts and thus relieve the soul and organism. In the hypnotic trance, new experiences can lead to a reorientation, development and maturation of the soul.

Conscious and unconscious self-reproach, guilt, self-doubt and self-punishment
can be sustainably processed in hypnosis.

Blockades such as fear, anger and shame
can be solved and transformed.

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