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Hypnosis Berlin

Relocation - Hypnosis Berlin Moves from Lichterfelde to Friedenau

Relocation - Hypnosis Berlin Moves from Lichterfelde to Friedenau

Hypnosis Berlin - Hypnosis Practice in Berlin Friedenau

We invite you - Follow us on magical tracks to our hypnosis practice!

When the practice rooms of the old practice in Lichterfelde (Steglitz-Zehlendorf) no longer gave us the space we wanted for our clients, we spent two years looking for a new place of power. Two years in which we saw many spaces - until one day we discovered the beautiful Schillerplatz in Friedenau. After a sobering tour of the practice, I had gone for a walk and there it was all at once! This green, beautiful square in the middle of Berlin and I knew - this is the place where I want to work.
May it be coincidence, may it be destiny - 6 months later in January 2019 we opened our new practice here. Directly on Schillerplatz, the practice reflects everything that is so important to us in our work with you and why we have been looking for so long:
A calm atmosphere that invites you to let go and engage in the process of change.
Today we are overjoyed that we took the two years to do this!
You will notice when you enter the house through the ornate purple front door and we open the door for you. The whole house is a lovingly designed place. Front gardens are designed with a lot of creativity and care and the garden in the courtyard resembles an enchanted place. You will know and feel what I mean when you see it.
This place is a place of power! A place of transformation! A place where change can be possible.
Each practice room is designed differently and offers the optimal conditions for your hypnosis.
Hypnosis takes place in a specially designed and furnished hypnosis room. Here all your senses are addressed: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. We have a preference for beauty and aesthetics, which can be seen in all rooms. There are also very special, modern features in store for you, which of course are not yet revealed - let us surprise you on your journey!

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