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New Professional Article about Anxiety Disorders at!

New Professional Article about Anxiety Disorders at!

Treat anxiety disorders with hypnosis: Hypnosis proves effective for many fears!

It is wonderful that hypnosis is becoming more and more recognized in a scientific context and more widely used in therapeutic areas. Therefore, it is even more of a gift for me that I was allowed to write a professional article for about hypnosis for Anxiety Disorders. is one of the largest directories of therapists in Germany and offers seekers and people who want to find out about therapy options a large and, above all, reputable and well-structured platform.
This article is about anxiety disorders and how effective hypnosis is for many fears. I emphasize that hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders is scientifically proven and show studies about it. Hypnosis is particularly effective in treating phobias, undifferentiated anxiety disorders and panic attacks - so we really want to spread this knowledge about medical and therapeutic hypnosis and thus also reach people who may know hypnosis more from television or movies.
In this sense - on perhaps even new insights while reading!

Hypnosis Berlin - Isabella Buschinger Publication at

Hypnosis Berlin - Publication at, one of the largest therapist directories in Germany.

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