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Can hypnosis change someone's personality?

Can hypnosis change someone's personality?

The effect of hypnosis on personality

It is a fair question to what extent hypnosis can change a person's personality. After all, hypnosis is still considered mysterious to many people today. Hypnosis cannot make someone a completely new person and what a person has experienced and learned up to that point in their life. Although the desire to be able to press the reset button once and then start over is understandable, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are not intended to overwrite or reprogram a person's consciousness or character. And that's not even possible - fortunately!
A person in a trance unconsciously decides for himself which suggestions or images correspond to him or which do not suit him. Even when people are in a deep trance, there is an inner authority that watches, protects and is in control of everything that happens during hypnosis at all times.

The film "Hypnotic" shows how a person is hypnotized against their will

There are also clients who want a change in the effects of their personality and their actions. For example, some people engage in addictive behaviors as compensation or distraction from unpleasant emotions or events. Through hypnotherapy, these clients can deal with profound characteristics of their person and work on the causal reasons with hypnosis and learn new strategies for dealing with feelings. Hypnosis can therefore influence characteristics in a life and change behavior, which in turn has a positive effect on specific personality traits.

The desire for change with hypnosis

Our cooperation begins with the preliminary talk and the anamnesis. You are of course the focus here, it is about you, your concerns and your feelings and of course also fears. I ask you about your circumstances, your needs and, above all, how I can support you with hypnosis. It is important that we define your goal precisely and discuss what you have already done to achieve it. What worked here and what didn't? I would like to get to know you and your story, because this is the only way I can tailor the hypnosis to you individually. In addition, there is room for all your questions in the preliminary talk and you will receive all the important information about hypnosis from me. After the preliminary talk, you can start with the first hypnosis session.

Positive change with hypnosis

Seen from this perspective, hypnosis can actually affect the person and thus the personality of a person - in a positive and supportive way. The experience of hypnosis triggers changes in many people that they may not have experienced before. Trance makes it possible to get in touch with inner feelings and images and to heal the forgotten and the current. Negative experiences, which people sometimes can't remember years later, can block them so much and close them off from life that the level of suffering is often great - often without knowing why. Only the effect and the symptoms can be observed, such as distrust, doubt, insecurity about others now appearing in life. If the blockages are released, changes also become noticeable in the immediate environment of a person. As a rule, clients are asked about the changes by family, friends and work colleagues. Sometimes it even seems as if they have a whole new person in front of them. Ultimately, destructive thought patterns that have had a negative impact on the client's behavior in the past are released and new possibilities can be experienced internally through the trance.

So do people change after all?

So it is not directly possible to change a personality through hypnosis and become a completely different person through hypnosis. But it is possible to achieve a new way of dealing with trauma, negative adventures and experiences through hypnotherapy. And thus to positively influence one's own thoughts and actions, blockages are dissolved and new perspectives strengthen self-confidence, create a new basis for alternative thoughts and actions.
That's why the well-known saying "People don't change" is just not true. The prerequisites for what makes a human being cannot be changed, nor can the time be turned back or a reset button pressed. But human beings as such can change, even into old age. People can change throughout their lives and this creates opportunities to break out of ingrained patterns and to live life differently than before, no matter what time. New adventures and experiences influence how people think, feel and how they perceive themselves and the environment. Therapies such as hypnotherapy can have a positive influence on a person's development in a very short time. In conclusion, hypnosis can never change a person's personality. But it can help people themselves to make the change they want.

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