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Does hypnosis cause changes in the body?

Does hypnosis cause changes in the body?

It is scientifically confirmed that hypnosis works

It has been scientifically proven that hypnosis can bring about changes in our bodies and influence processes. There are numerous medical examples of this, such as warming the temperature of the skin when imagining heat, or even aiding in the healing process of cancer through positive suggestions. Each thought of a person causes a physical reaction that can really be proven. Therefore, hypnosis has a great effectiveness especially in psychosomatic complaints.

Hypnosis in medicine and psychotherapy

On the website of the medical journal - was published already in 2004 an article that in hypno-therapy have been discovered far from all indications. What is known today, however, is that the concentration of leukocytes and other immune parameters increases through hypnosis with appropriate suggestions. Neurophysiological studies indicate that the brain works differently under hypnosis.
You can read more about this under the following hypnosis article:

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