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From what age is child hypnosis possible?

From what age is child hypnosis possible?
We are always asked the question from what age we start working with children in our hypnosis practice. There are certain characteristics that can be indications that hypnosis can be useful with a child.

How old should a child be for child hypnosis to be effective?

Hypnosis is primarily suitable for school children and adolescents. In our hypnosis practice we accept school children from the age of 9, in exceptional cases we also work with younger children. The extent to which hypnosis is suitable for a younger child depends on the subject matter, the age of the child and the emotional maturity. For example, for hypnosis to be successful, it is important that the child is able to concentrate for a certain period of time, to follow words and to implement them internally. The initial hypnosis session begins with a parent talking with or without the child. After that, the session continues alone with the child and only at the end of the session the mother or father joins the session again. If you feel it is possible for your child to engage in the session alone without a parent, you can make an appointment for your child, even if he or she is younger than nine.

Before you Make an appointment you can answere the following questions:
  • Can your child concentrate for a certain time?
  • Can he or she follow words as if they were a story and imagine them internally?
  • Is it possible for your child to engage in the hypnosis session alone without a parent?
If you can answer yes to these questions, hypnosis can be a helpful method for your child. Please note that every child reacts differently and a promise of success, as with any other therapy method is not possible.

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