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How safe is hypnosis? Is hypnosis dangerous?

How safe is hypnosis? Is hypnosis dangerous?

During hypnosis, people are anything but will-less

In short, you are in an absolutely safe state during the entire hypnosis. People in trance are in a deep state of relaxation with the highest level of concentration at the same time. In this state, people would notice it immediately if, for example, a fire broke out or the hypnotherapist left the room. Thus hypnosis is not dangerous.

The subconscious as a safety instance

In us humans, there is also an instance that permanently watches over us and pays very close attention to what words come in and what not. This part is the vigilant even when another part is already in an absolute deep relaxation. This part is like a guardian who represents one's own morals, religion or ethics as an inner instance. You can be sure that your subconscious is paying close attention to what is being said.

The choice of hypnosis specialist or hypnosis specialist

It is incredibly important to accompany people in their process of hypnosis well and safely as a hypnotherapist, so in the first place is also the Rapport - so a good feeling, the chemistry, to the hypnotherapist important. Take your time when choosing the right hypnosis specialist, and be sure to let your first impression and gut feeling help decide.

Self-test - Am I hypnotizable?

Test yourself!

Find out how well you can be hypnotized and take the self-test on your own hypnotizability (suggestibility) and answer 12 questions shortly.
Self-Test - Am I hypnotizable?
Bin ich hypnotisierbar?
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