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What Makes Hypnotic Regression So Special?

What Makes Hypnotic Regression So Special?

Regression hypnosis means time travel to past moments

Regression in hypnosis describes a method in the work with hypnosis in which clients go back in trance to an earlier time in their lives. So far understandable - but what makes this method so special in the processing and healing process?

Time travel with regression hypnosis - time travel to past moments

In trance, people can not only take different positions and perspectives more easily, it is also much easier to travel back to certain times in life to let old wounds heal here. People can almost completely feel their way into the world of emotions in these moments.

Helpful is regression in hypnosis

Often people in hypnosis go back to early childhood life times. With the competencies of the adult ego, experiences can thus be more easily uncovered and processed, which may have been hidden and important for a long time, such as in hypnosis for traumatic experiences or anxieties in adulthood. Regression can occur spontaneously in a conversation in which a client recalls a specific situation in the past with intense feelings, thus reliving the situation. However, the method of regression is used specifically, especially in hypnosis: Hypnosis then helps to create an intensely perceived experience, often through all senses, which can be used for different goals. Regression hypnosis is applied as an element in a wide range of topics. For example, to achieve an intense experience of positive emotions and thus to return more to a resourceful state and integrate it in today. Or to process negative experiences and memories and to store and release them in a new way. For this there are different regression techniques that we use in practice.

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