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Do I have to believe in hypnosis for hypnosis to work?

Do I have to believe in hypnosis for hypnosis to work?
For hypnosis to work, the client should at least engage in it. A strong inner defensiveness against hypnosis can make it difficult to go into trance at all or more deeply. Hypnosis might then have no effect. However, a healthy skepticism is not a problem. Hypnosis is a rather unconventional subject for many people, despite thousands of years of use in various cultures. Although the effect of hypnosis could be scientifically proven in the meantime and hypnotherapy found more and more recognition in the professional world in the last 30 years. Nevertheless, many people have open questions or misunderstanding impressions about hypnosis.

No show hypnosis

You should be aware that hypnosis is not hocus-pocus for entertainment purposes, as is sometimes suggested in television shows. While such hypnosis performances are certainly interesting, they do not have much in common with hypnosis in reality. Ultimately, therapeutic hypnosis is not about controlling people and making them completely will-less. Such a thing could not work at all, because the client would not act against his will even under hypnosis. Rather, the aim is to achieve a state of deep relaxation, through which access to the subconscious is made possible.

The state of trance

The so-called trance is not a condition that is completely unknown to people. Every person experiences more or less intense moments of a trance, i.e. hypnosis-like moments, in everyday life as well. Known situations in which people enter hypnosis-like states are moments of daydreaming, the moment before falling asleep or shortly after waking up. When one goes into a trance during hypnosis, different areas of the brain are activated. This allows conscious awareness, as well as fear and pain, to fade into the background during hypnosis and the focus on inner images, words or rhythms to intensify. This is also referred to as spot activation. In this state, specific and target-oriented suggestions can be effectively absorbed and manifested during hypnosis.

The effectiveness of suggestions

Suggestions are clearly formulated sentences that can create certain images and are received by the subconscious mind during the trance. They can refer to specific facts or to concrete situations. Suggestions are discussed beforehand and serve a specific goal of the client. What the specific goals are is clarified before the hypnosis during the anamnesis, i.e. the preliminary conversation.

The effect of hypnotherapy

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