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Is an initial worsening possible with hypnosis?

Is an initial worsening possible with hypnosis?
The hypnosis should always be gently discharged, this happens entirely at your pace. Shortly after, you will still not be fully "back", but will still be in a light trance state. You can think of this as a kind of transitional threshold between hypnosis and being awake. Afterwards, we will discuss together how you are feeling and what you experienced during hypnosis. You will not simply be dismissed without a word after the hypnosis. In the days that follow, it is likely that images and emotions that come from your subconscious will surface again and again, possibly reminding you of the hypnosis. These can occur both during sleep, i.e. in your dreams, as well as when you are awake and in your everyday life. This indicates a processing process and is completely normal. This process is called the "rolling stone effect", which means that the stone was set rolling by the hypnosis. This is good, because something is moving inside you and you are in the process of evolving and changing.

Interaction and exchange between client and hypnotherapist

It is important that you address and discuss everything you observe in the sessions. You can also create a hypnosis diary so that you do not forget anything. In addition, it is nice to read in it again later and be able to follow the development. In order for the hypnosis to really have an effect, there is an interval of at least one week between sessions. It happens that the occurring memories, images and emotions irritate and burden you. Sometimes they also seem threatening and can cause fear. Thus, it may then seem to you that your condition is worsening after hypnosis and not improving as you naturally hoped. An initial worsening through hypnosis is possible, it even occurs more frequently. This phenomenon is also known from homeopathy, for example, and it also occurs in psychotherapy. Through psychotherapy, the client perceives his environment and himself in a different way over time, more intense, emotional and focused. Thus, he also becomes more aware of the negative aspects of his life, which can be sobering at first. In addition, a hypnotherapy takes a lot of strength and energy, which he may lack in other places. This can also lead to a deterioration at first. But looked at more closely nothing worsens, it only becomes more conscious to you.

Initial worsening as part of the healing process

The initial worsening in hypnosis is based on the fact that internal processes are triggered, which can also bring difficult to traumatic experiences from the subconscious. This sounds rather counterproductive at first, isn't it better if these remain hidden from us? No, because if we are not aware of things, we cannot process them. Moreover, they make their way into consciousness in other ways, usually in a diffuse way, for example through anxiety or psychosomatic complaints. However, even though it may feel worse after hypnosis than before, this gives you a chance to address your problems in a long-term, multi-faceted way. Even the initial worsening is for healing and is a piece of the journey to becoming healthy and happy. Remember, no condition or feeling stays forever. Everything, even the unpleasant and painful will eventually pass. However, if you feel that these memories are almost overrunning and flooding you, then you should bring this up with your therapist in a timely manner. It can happen that repressed traumas are uncovered through hypnosis, you should definitely not be left alone with this.

The first worsening from a homeopathic point of view

To answer this question, it is first important to define exactly what is meant by first worsening. Under first worsening, also called initial reaction, homeopathy understands a so-called "artificial disease", which can be triggered by the exact matching homeopathic means. This is because in homeopathy the principle is "Similia similibus curentur" - "similar things are cured by similar things". This means that the body is given the substance that has made it ill, and the illness is thereby artificially brought to its peak, so to speak. Now the body's defenses react with all their might, similar to a fever spike in pneumonia. This form of initial worsening is dependent on a substance that is administered to the body. Hypnosis does not administer substances - is there nevertheless a first worsening?

Erstverschlimmerung in der Psychotherapie

Psychotherapy also does not administer substances and therefore no initial worsening should take place here either. Nevertheless, many people talk exactly about it. What is the reason? The essence of psychotherapy is that the client perceives himself, his sensations and his environment quite intensively. This often leads to the client becoming hyper-aware of a negative life situation. At the same time, he puts a lot of energy into the therapy, which he initially lacks in his everyday life. The suffering takes up a larger space in the person's life and is thus felt more clearly. It does not become worse, but more conscious.

No initial worsening with hypnosis?

One thing in advance, there is no initial worsening in hypnosis. Not in the sense in which Hahnemann described it for homeopathy. But very well in the sense in which psychotherapeutic clients also speak of an initial worsening. The reactions are comparable.

Tired after hypnosis

The hypnotic trance is a state in which your body and mind are in a deep rest. In fact, the processes in the brain are similar to those of anesthesia. For this reason, it is important that the client is awakened from hypnosis very slowly and gently, and remains in the hypnosis chair until he or she feels completely fit again. Afterwards, by the way, most clients feel exceptionally awake and invigorated. There are no side effects as with anesthesia, since no substances are administered and the body does not have to break down anything. In some cases, however, this awakening may not have been done gently enough, despite all efforts. This happens very rarely, but is almost always a sign that the client simply needed more time before leaving the hypnosis room. Another scenario, on the other hand, is much more common. It is this, that while you are still fresh and full of energy immediately after the session, you fall into a comfortable fatigue over the course of the next few hours. This is perfectly normal and even a good thing. It shows that your body is making itself known, that it is letting you know when it needs rest. Don't take on too much on the day of hypnosis. Allow your soul and your body the rest it needs. Because hypnosis, like any other form of therapy, can also be exhausting.

Traurig und Weinen nach der Hypnose

Some people report being filled with a deep sadness or crying a lot after hypnosis. This is also a sign that your conscious and unconscious mind are more in tune. We all know that crying is a good sign that it helps us let go of sad and difficult situations. Crying after hypnosis is just as much an emotional response as the happy goofing around and laughing after hypnosis that many clients report. If you feel like crying after hypnosis Berlin, imagine your tears washing away all that is weighing you down. Feel the liberation that lies in crying and talk about it in the session.

Upset after hypnosis?

In the hypnotic trance you get into contact with your subconscious. The deeper the trance, the more intense the contact. This is unusual for most people today. So it is no wonder that this can also lead to emotional with sometimes violent reactions. Especially people who are skeptical about hypnosis are sometimes emotionally overwhelmed by the first hypnosis experiences. This is also allowed space in and also after hypnosis. You can tell how you feel, what agitation means to you. How much anxiety is involved? But also, how much joy you feel about this rich treasure that you may have never really realized inside before.

Hypnosis with immediate effect

The question, after what time hypnosis works, is superfluous, because hypnosis works immediately. As soon as you have made first contacts with your unconscious in the hypnotic trance something has happened. This does not mean that after the first session you have already solved the problem you came for. But it does mean that the healing process is underway. This can lead to a perceived "initial aggravation" - such as crying, agitation, but also "finally being able to sleep again", "cheerfulness" and so on. However you felt after the first hypnosis session - tell it and it can be addressed in the next session. Get involved in the adventure - hypnosis works!

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