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What does my child experience during hypnosis?

What does my child experience during hypnosis?

How does hypnosis feel with children?

During hypnosis, your child experiences mainly pleasant feelings. Some children feel as if they are dreaming. It feels like they are there on one side as well as somewhere else entirely. Hypnosis is not sleep, so your child is not asleep, but he/she is concentrating on my words, which he/she is implementing internally. The focus is on a creative inner experience. The conception of time, space and the feeling for one's own body can change temporarily. Usually the trance is perceived as shorter and it seems as if time passes more quickly during hypnosis. Your child can feel safe and protected at all times. It is very important to us to accompany and support your child in an age-appropriate way. at our practice we work with children from 9 years old, in exceptional cases also with younger children.

This is what your child experiences during hypnosis:
  • The child feels both as "there", but also as if he is completely "somewhere else".
  • The child is not asleep.
  • It concentrates on the inner, creative experience.
  • The notion and feeling of time, space and body may change temporarily during hypnosis.

Topics in hypnosis for children are quite diverse. Mostly it is about learning how to deal with their own emotions and feelings. Children learn with hypnosis to calm down, to deal with physical pain and to overcome fears.

Topics in child hypnosis

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